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Recognized Hybrids

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Recognized Hybrids - Here you will find breeds recognized by the ACHC.  We do not
breed these dogs, we just provide you with the list of what has been registered with
Recognized Hybrids  A-C
Recognized Hybrids    D-Z

Affenpinsher-Poodle        Affenpoo
Afghan Hound-Rottweiler        Rottaf        
Alaskan Malamute-Timber Wolf        Wolamute  – not registered with
ACHC (Wolamute Club of America)
American Bull Dog-Boxer        Bulloxer
American Bull Dog-Bull Terrier        BD Terrier
American Bull Dog-Bulldog                EngAm Bulldog / Olde Bulldog
American Bull Dog-Dogue De Bordeaux        American Bull Dogue De
American Eskimo-Basset Hound        Baskimo
American Eskimo-Beagle        Bekimo
American Eskimo-Cocker Spaniel        Cock-A-Mo
American Eskimo-Lhasa Apso                Kimola  
American Eskimo-Pomeranian                Pomimo
American Eskimo-Pomeranian                Pomimo
American Eskimo-Poodle                Pookimo
American Eskimo-Shetland Sheepdog        Eskland
American Eskimo-Shih Tzu                Shih-Mo
American Ori-Pei – Pug                Pug-A-Pei
American Pit Bull Terrier-Bulldog        Old English Bulldogge
American Rat Terrier-Boston Terrier        Brat
American Rat Terrier-Pug                Puggat
American Rat Terrier-MinPinscher        American Rat Pinscher
American Rat Terrier-Shih Tzu                Ratshi Terrier
American Staffordshire Terrier-Bulldog        Old English Bulldogge
Australian Shepherd-Labrador Retriever        Sheprador
Australian Shepherd-Poodle                Aussie-Poo
Australian Terrier-Jack Russell Terrier        Rustralian Terrier
Basset-Beagle                        Bagle Hound
Basset-Boston Terrier                        Basston
Basset-Dachshund                        Basschshund
Basset-Miniature Schnauzer                Bowzer
Basset-Pug                        Bassugg
Basset-Shih Tzu                        Tzu-Basset
Basset-Shar Pei                        Ba-Shar  
Beagle-Bearded Collie                Beacol
Beagle-Bichon Frise                        Glechon
Beagle-Boston Terrier                        Boglen Terrier
Beagle-Brussels Griffon                Bea Griffon
Beagle-Cavalier King Charles                Keagle
Beagle-Doberman Pinscher                Beagleman
Beagle-French Bulldog                Frengle
Beagle-Jack Russell Terrier                Jack-A-Bee
Beagle-Boxer                        Bogle
Beagle-Cocker Spaniel                Bocker
Beagle-Dachshund                        Doxle
Beagle-Golden Retriever                Beago
Beagle-Labrador Retriever                Labbe
Beagle-MinPin                        Meagle
Beagle-Pekingese                        Peagle
Beagle-Poodle                        Poogle
Beagle-Pug                        Puggle
Bearded Collie-Dalmatian                Bodacion
Bernese Mountain Dog-Border Collie        Bordernese
Belgian Malinois-German Shepherd Dog        Malinois X
Bichon Frise-Cairn Terrier                Kashon  
Bichon Frise-Cavalier King Charles Spaniel        Cavachon --only
Cavachon Club
Bichon Frise-Chihuahua                Chi-Chon  
Bichon Frise-Chinese Crested                Chinese Frise
Bichon Frise-Cocker Spaniel                Cock-A-Chon  
Bichon Frise-Coton de Tulear                Biton
Bichon Frsie-Havanese                Havachon
Bichon Frise-Japanese Chin                Ja-Chon
Bichon Frise-Lhasa Apso                La-Chon  
Bichon Frise-Maltese                        Maltichon
Bichon Frise-Miniature Schnauzer        Chonzer  
Bichon Frise-Papillon                        Papichon
Bichon Frise-Pekingese                Peke-A-Chon
Bichon Frise-Pomeranian                Bichon-A-Ranian
Bichon Frise-Poodle                        Poochon
Bichon Frise-Silky Terrier                Silkchon
Bichon Frise-Shih Tzu                Zuchon
Bichon Frise-Toy Fox Terrier                Fo-Chon
Bichon Frise-Westie                        Wee-Chon  
Bichon Frise-Yorkshire Terrier                Yo-Chon
Biewer-Yorkshire Terrier                Biewer Yorkie
Border Collie-Labrador Retriever                Borador
Boston Terrier-French Bulldog                Faux Frenchbo Bulldog
Boston Terrier-Bulldog                English Boston Bulldog
Boston Terrier-Chinese Shar-Pei                Sharbo
Boston Terrier-MinPin                Bospin
Boston Terrier-MinSchnauzer                Miniboz
Boston Terrier-Papillon                Bostillon
Boston Terrier-Pekingese                Bostinese
Boston Terrier-Pug                        Buggs
Boston Terrier-Shih Tzu                BoShih
Boston Terrier-Toy Fox Terrier                Foxton
Boxer-Bulldog                        Bull Boxer
Brussels Griffon-English Toy Spaniel        English Toy Griffon
Brussels Griffon-Lhasa Apso                Lhaffon
Brussels Griffon-Pekingese                Griffonese
Brussels Griffon-Poodle                Broodle Griffon
Brussels Griffon-Rat Terrier                Rattle Griffon
Brussels Griffon-Shih Tzu                Shiffon
Bulldog-Dalmatian                        Bullmatian
Bulldog-Olde Bulldog        ge                Victorian Bulldogge
Bulldog-Pug                        Miniature Bulldog
Bulldog-Treeing Walker                English Bull-Walker
Cairn Terrier-Maltese                        Cairmal
Cairn Terrier-Poodle                        Poocan
Cairn Terrier-Shih Tzu                Care-Tzu
Cairn Terrier-Westie                        Cairland Terrier
Cairn Terrier-Yorkshire Terrier                Corkie
Cantel (Cantel Club of America)                Cantel
Cantel-Cavalier King Charles Spaniel        Cavacan
Cavachon (Cavachon Club of America)        Cavachon
Cavachon-Poodle                        Cavachon-Poo
Cavachon-Maltese                        Malton
Cavachon-Shih Tzu                        Cavazoo
Cavalier King Charles-Cocker Spaniel        Cockalier
Cavalier King Charles-Coton de Tulear        Cavaton
Cavalier King Charles-English Toy Spaniel        English King Spaniel
Cavalier King Charles-Lhasa Apso        Lhasalier
Cavalier King Charles-Maltese                Cav-A-Malt
Cavalier King Charles-Papillon                Cava-lon
Cavalier King Charles-Poodle                Cavapoo
Cavalier King Charles-Shih Tzu                Cava-Tzu
Chihuahua-Dalmation                        Chimation
Chihuahua-Dachshund                Chiweenie  
Chihuahua-Jack Russell Terrier                Jack Chi
Chihuahua-Japanese Chin                Chin-wa
Chihuahua-Maltese                        Malchi
Chihuahua-MinPin                        Chipin
Chihuahua-Papillon                        Chion
Chihuahua-Pekingese                        Cheeks                 
Chihuahua-Pomeranian                Chiranian
Chihuahua-Poodle                        Wapoo
Chihuahua-Pug                        Chug
Chihuahua-Rat Terrier                Rat-Cha
Chihuahua-Shih Tzu                        ShiChi
Chihuahua-Toy Fox Terrier                Taco Terrier
Chihuahua-Yorkshire Terrier                Chorkie
Chinese Crested-Havanese                Crested Havanese
Chinese Crested-Maltese                Crested Malt
Chinese Crested-Miniature Schnauzer        Crested Schnauzer
Chinese Crested-Pomeranian                Chinaranian
Chinese Crested-Poodle                Poochis
Chinese Crested-Pug                        Pugese
Chinese Shar Pei-Basset Hound                Basshar Pei
Chinese Shar Pei-Pug                        Ori-Pei
Cock-A-Poo –Lhasa Apso                Lacasapoo
Cocker Spaniel-Coton de Tulear                Cocker-Ton
Cocker Spaniel-English Cocker Spaniel        Colonial Cocker Spaniel
Cocker Spaniel-English Toy Spaniel          English Toy Cocker Spaniel
Cocker Spaniel-Golden Retriever                Cogol
Cocker Spaniel-Lhasa Apso                Lha-Cocker
Cocker Spaniel-Min Australian Shepherd        Cotralian
Cocker Spaniel-MinPinscher                Cockapin
Cocker Spaniel-MinSchnauzer                Schnocker
Cocker Spaniel-Pekingese                Cockinese
Cocker Spaniel-Pomeranian                Cockeranian
Cocker Spaniel-Poodle                Cock-A-Poo
Cocker Spaniel-Shiba Inu                Shocker
Cocker Spaniel-Toy Fox Terrier                Foxker
Cocker Spaniel-Yorkie                Corkie
Collie-Poodle                        Cadoodle
Coton De Tulear-Poodle                Poo-Ton
Coton De Tulear-Shih Tzu                Coton Tzu

Dachshund-Maltese                        Mauxie
Dachshund-Miniature Schnauzer                Miniature Schnoxie
Dachshund-Papillon                        Papshund
Dachshund-Pembroke Welsh Corgi        Dorgi
Dachshund-Pomeranian                Dameranian
Dachshund-Poodle                        Doodle
Dachshund-Scottish Terrier                Doxie Scot
Dachshund-Shih Tzu                        Schweenie
Dachshund-Yorkshire Terrier                Dorkie
Dalmatian-Golden Retriever                Goldmation
Doberman Pinscher-Poodle                Doodleman Pinscher
Dogue de Bordeau-Neapolatin Mastiff        Ultimate Mastiff
English Bull-Walker-French Bulldog             Free-Lance
BulldogEnglish Pointer-Golden Retriever                American Gointer
English Shepherd-Dakota Shep Foundation        Dakota Shepherd
English Toy Spaniel-Poodle                Eng-A-Poo  
English Springer Spaniel-Lab                Labradinger
French Bulldog-Pekingese         American Bullnese         
French Bulldog-Pug                        Frenchie Pug
German Shepherd Dog-Poodle                Shepadoodle
Giant Schnauzer-Poodle                Giant Schnoodle
Golden Retriever-Irish Setter                Golden Irish        
Golden Retriever-Labrador         Golden Labrador
Golden Retriever-Poodle                Goldendoodle
Golden Retriever-Siberian Husky                Goberian
Golden Retriever-Weimaraner                Goldmaraner
Havanese-Maltese                        Havamalt
Havanese-Poodle                        Poovanese  
Havanese-Shih Tzu                        Havashu
Italian Greyhound-Poodle                Pootalian
Italian Greyhound-Pug                Puggit
Jack Russell Terrier-MinPin                Minnie Jack
Jack Russell Terrier-Poodle                Jack-A-Poo
Jack Russell Terrier- Bichon Frise       Jack-A-chon      
Jack Russell Terrier-Rat Terrier                Jack-Rat Terrier
Jack Russell Terrier-Silky Terrier                Silky Jack
Japanese Chin-Maltese                Jatese
Japanese Chin-Papillon                Japillon
Japanese Chin-Pekinese                Japeke
Japanese Chin-Pomeranian                Chineranian
Japanese Chin-Poodle                        Poochin
Japanese Chin-Shih Tzu                Jatzu
Japanese Chin-Toy Fox Terrier                Jafox
Japanese Chin-Westie                        Jaland
Japanese Chin-Yorkshire Terrier                Jarkie
Labradoodle-Golden Retriever                Golden Labradoodle
Labrador Retriever-Pointer                Pointing Lab
Labrador Retriever-Poodle                Labradoodle
Labrador Retriever-Vizsla                Labralas
Labrador Retriever-Weimaraner                Labmaraner
Lhasa Apso-Maltese                        Lhatese
Lhasa Apso-Pekingese                Lhasanese
Lhasa Apso-Poodle                        Lhasa-Poo
Lhasa Apso-Shih Tzu                        Shih Apso
Lhasa Apso-West Highland White Terrier        Westie-Laso
Lhasa Apso-Yorkshire Terreir                Yorkie-Apso
Maltese-MinSchnauzer                Mauzer
Maltese-Papillon                        Malton  
Maltese-Pekingese                        Peke-A-Tese  
Maltese-Pomeranian                        Pomanees
Maltese-Poodle                        Malt-A-Poo
Maltese-Shih Tzu                        Mal-Shi
Maltese-Silky Terrier                        Silkese
Maltese-Westie                        Highland Maltie  
Maltese-Yorkshire Terrier                Morkie
MinPinscher-Pekingese                Peke-A-Pin
MinPinscher-Pomeranian                Pineranian
MinPinscher-Poodle                        Pinny-Poo
MinPinscher-Pug                        Muggin
MinPinscher-Rat Terrier                Rat-A-Pin
MinPinscher-Wire Fox Terrier                Wire Fox Pinscher
MinSchnauzer-Maltese                Malzer
MinSchnauzer-Poodle                        Schnoodle
MinSchnauzer-Shiba Inu                Schnu
MinSchnauzer-Shih Tzu                Schnau-Tzu
MinSchnauzer-Silky Terrier                Silkzer  
MinSchnauzer-Welsh Terrier                Wowauzer
MinSchnauzer-Westie                        Wauzer
MinSchnauzer-Yorkie                        Snorkie  
Ori-Pei -Pug                        Pug-A-Pei
Papillon-Pekingese                        Peke-A-Pap
Papillon-Pomeranian                        Paperanian
Papillon-Poodle                        Papi-Poo
Papillon-Shiba Inu                        Shi-Pom
Papillon-Shih Tzu                        Papastzu
Papillon-Yorkshire Terrier                Yorkillon
Pekingese-Pomeranian                Pominese
Pekingese-Poodle                        Peke-A-Poo
Pekingese-Pug                        Puginese
Pekingese-Shih Tzu                        Shinese
Pekingese-Silky Terrier                Silkinese
Pekingese-Toy Fox Terrier                Foxingese
Pekingese-Yorkie                        Yorkinese
Pomeranian-Poodle                        Pooranian
Pomeranian-Toy Fox Terrier                Pom Terrier
Pomeranian-Shih Tzu                        Shiranian  
Pomeranian-Silky Terrier                Pom-Silk
Pomeranian-West Highland White Terrier        Weeranian
Pomeranian-Yorkshire Terrier                Yoranian  
Poodle-Pug                        Pug-A-Poo
Poodle-Saint Bernard                        Saint Berdoodle
Poodle-Schipperke                        Schipper-Poo
Poodle-Scottish Terrier                Scoodle
Poodle-Shiba Inu                        Poo-Shi
Poodle-Shih Tzu                        Shih-Poo
Poodle-Silky Terrier                        Poolky
Poodle-Skye Terrier                        Skypoo
Poodle-Soft Coated Wheaton                Whoodle
Poodle-Toy Fox Terrier                Foodle
Poodle-Weimaraner                        Weimardoodle
Poodle-Welsh Terrier                        Woodle
Poodle-Westie                        Wee-Poo  
Poodle-Yorkie                        Yorkie-Poo
Pug-Shih Tzu                        Pug-Zu
Pug-Westie                        Pugland
Pug-Yorkie                        Pugshire
Rottweiler-St. Bernard                St. Weiler
Scottish Terrier-Silky Terrier                Skilky Terrier
Scottish Terrier-Westie                Scoland Terrier  
Shih Tzu-Toy Fox Terrier                Fo-Tzu
Shih Tzu-Westie                        Weshi
Shih Tzu-Silky Terrier                Silky Tzu
Siberian Husky-Timber Wolf                Siber Wolf                      
Toy Fox Terrier-Yorkshire Terrier        Torkie
Welsh Terrier-Wire Fox Terrier                Wirelsh Terrier
Westie-Shih Tzu                        Weshi
Westie-Silky Terrier                        Silkland Terrier
Westie-Yorkshire Terrier                FourcheTerrier**
Yorkshire Terrier-Shih Tzu                Shorkie Tzu

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